Dasha Logan releases her debut album ‘Over You’ after a Covid-19 related delay. Independently released under her own label, it has been 3 years in the making while being in the pipelines for 10 years!

The singer, originally from Penang Island has been in the music scene for 17 years locally and internationally. She released her first single, ‘Cleverly’, in UK back in 2014 which brought her immense success on the UK Soul Chart where she hit number 1 in a matter of weeks! She followed ‘Cleverly’ with the tune ‘Leave Your Man’ in 2015.

The new album is produced by Rozhan Razman. Dasha describes the partnership as ‘magic’. ‘Even though we had met once before, I only met him properly when talking to him about producing the album. I was nervous at first but that quickly turned into comfort as we became friends while making the album as well as performing live together since 2018’.

Consisting of 7 tracks, the first song written for the album is track 5, ‘Don’t Belong’ which also led to the overall theme of the album. Following Dasha’s idols (the names of Adele and Amy Winehouse come to mind), she wrote tunes of heartache and real life stories.

‘I am not trying to turn everything into butterflies and rainbows! Sometimes things go wrong! Sometimes we mess up! It’s ok to feel it, it’s good to own up to it and it’s comforting to know you are not alone’, Dasha says.

Tunes such as ‘Jealousy’ and ‘Played It Wrong’ had been in the works for much longer, and were put on the back burner until the other songs had been completed.

The album takes in a dazzling array of textures, where soulful, R&B choruses perfectly mould with the intricate, dynamic instrumentation.

Sharing it’s title with the song first released from it, ‘Over You’ was written with multi-talented singer, songwriter and composer Q Sound back in 2018. As all the songs were written before the pandemic hit, Dasha was able to debut the song ‘Over You’ back then in Kuala Lumpur’s number 1 jazz bar, No Black Tie. In 2019, she performed the track with the John Thomas Quintet as they opened for Thundercat. The song was also performed live at the Borneo Jazz Festival where she also debuted ‘Not A Friend’. The performance also had producer Rozhan Razman on bass and Q Sound on trombone.

The title of the album itself was un-certain till early 2021. This is when Dasha wanted to make it clear that it was an album leaning towards the anguish of heartache and moving on from it. Not honing in on just one situation, Dasha writes from the perspective of being hurt, hurting someone and also learning from one’s mistakes.

When asked which is her favorite song, Dasha can’t quite decide!… ‘Don’t Belong’ was the first song written with the intention of making this album, ‘Jealousy’ was written ages ago but I kind of forgot about it. ‘Nice’ was written off the cuff one Sunday morning! ‘Played It Wrong’ came to me out of nowhere while I sat at the piano and ‘Hopeless Romantic’ was co-written with Dave Kitzkiniki one hot Monday. ‘Not A Friend’ was written as an additional tune to be performed at the Borneo Jazz Festival when we didn’t have enough original material for the performance, so I got that one out in a week!’ she laughs. ‘Goes to show, you just got to help the music reveal itself. It’s all out there waiting to be brought to life!’

‘I am very lucky to have an amazing support system from family and friends. This would not have happened without them’. Dasha says.

She wont be getting ‘Over’ making this album anytime soon.

Production: R.M.P. Productions
Mastering: Edvard Lee
Keys: Hin Ee Jeng
Bass: Rozhan Razman & Dave Kitzkiniki
Guitar: Dave Kitzkiniki
Guest Guitar: Jamie Wilson
Drums: Omar Ibrahim
Guest Drums: John Thomas
Percussion: Abdul Karim Zafiruddin
Horns: Q Sound
Guest Vocalists: ROZZ, Poova and Mark Turner
Assistant Engineer: Derek Rush
Pro tools Editor: Wong Foo Jeng
Album Design: Leon Wilkinson

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